Bryn Newman is Creative Specialist who started her career focused on Marketing, Styling and Creative Direction in San Francisco, California. Coming from a background in technology – while being raised in the art studio as a child, she connects all things digital and creative into one. With the eye of an art critic, the mind of an analyst and the soul of an artist, she strives to connect the three in any line of work. 

Starting as an artist and growing up in and out of her mother's fine art studio, Bryn began art critiques at an extremely young age, developing her refined skill set. Finding a love for fashion began in the early stages of her life, her desire to be a fashion designer designer dwindled, but the obsession with fashion never died. From sewing her own clothing to designing and hand making clothing for her stuffed animals and dolls, she found a passion for creations of all kinds. Becoming one of San Francisco's top fashion bloggers she worked with brands big and small to represent, create, and establish their image online. 

Taking the plunge and moving to Sydney, Australia, Bryn has now turned a focus towards her painting. Bryn spends her free time creating abstract works inspired by Australian landscapes by night, but by day runs Digital Creative Strategy at an Agency.