Inspiration Diaries: Capri

Capri Italy, Travel Photo Diary

Woman Swimming In Capri Italy Ocean

Give me a boat, some white wine, and some mussels, then this life could be mine forever. The rocky coastline had be in awe at every corner. The architecture and cactus lined gardens swept me off my feet. One of my favourite memories was eating at Al Grottino, the owner of the restaurant ordered the 'special' for me, insisting it would be the best meal of my trip. His waiters came around shortly after trying to put a bib around my neck and I was laughing, shooing them away. The dish came out in a steaming hot pot, it was beautiful, as they took off the lid I could see the simmering seafood bubbling in a delicious garlic sauce, I imagined this was what love at first site felt like. I enjoyed the meal, perhaps a little bit too much, laughing with the owner and my friend long into the evening, leaving with heartfelt hugs and kisses on the cheek. Like every meal I had in Italy, it was one that left me feeling warm of heart, mind, and spirit. But perhaps that was always the wine talking...

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bryn newman