Inspiration Diaries: Roma - I fell in love with a city, and my heart remains forever torn.


 I've never seen a city more alive with pure love and energy. Lovers kissing on every corner, young and old. Art and artisans oozing out of every alleyway. Unique people ready to chat whenever spoken to, with style that made me swoon on a constant basis. Older men in their 60s wearing the most stylish sunglasses and tailored jackets I've ever seen. The streets could even create their own music, by conducting the cars to create a soft drumming sound with their tires as they hit the cobble stone streets. The murmur of chatter, from locals and visitors alike, sitting on the steps of fountains in every piazza, drinking until the sun sets. Long dinners without the rush of getting a check to go to the next place. Ease and energy, all in one place. Stories on every corner and history woven into the bones of every aspect of the city. And when the sun starts to set and everything begins to turn gold, my god...I have never seen such beauty. A gold, that for me, was more precious than any gold coin, necklace, or ring. A gold that when you feel it hit your could feel it healing your soul.

Roman Fountain

The caption on my Instagram post says it all, and hopefully these images can add some more. Essentially, my trip to Rome was one of the most moving experiences I have had in my lifetime. Which isn't to say much, as it was my first trip to Europe, but sometimes places have the power to sweep you off your feet and you have to acknowledge the importance of that. I fell in love with this city and the people in it, from the cafe owners in Monte to the artisans in Trastevere and the well dressed men and women drinking wine in the streets. 

I got to see the sites at 5am, without a soul around, the city completely to myself, so I could selfishly have the magic of Rome, as mine and only mine. The whispers from the ancient artists sang sweet stories in my ears, begging me to dive deeper into their narratives. Each step I took, caused me to fall deeper and deeper in love with my craft, my art, and my desire to rekindle my love for art history.  

Stylish woman in roman doorway

I fell in love

with a city

and my heart remains forever torn.

I've returned to Australia, my heart smashed into pieces. My days for drinking many espressos in the, lively, murmuring streets while writing until my hands hurt, were over. I had to accept that, but my longing to drink in piazzas, meeting strangers, and enjoying long dinners that crept late into the night were stained into my memory. My loves, and my love for the city, were left behind but still beckoning my heart. But...I guess that's why I have flight alerts still set up and 2 applications written for art school scholarships! 

street art portrait in rome italy
bryn newman