The Chase Of Lions and Angels


This is a poem I wrote about dating in the 21st century while on the plane back to Australia from Italy. 

Hearts pounding
Like little children playing tag.

Screaming with wicked delight,
"You can't catch me."
Feet hit the pavement,
Like the thud of our naive hearts.

Knees dropping, skin scraping. 
Standing up with glee. 
Toothy smiles. 
It's so much fun getting hurt in the chase. 
Battle wounds, from the games we deny to love so dear. 
We're addicted.

Like the kids. 
Training to play this game our entire lives. 
Yet, no one ever wins. 
And we beg to play again and again.

Until someone says,
"Tag you're it."
And you say,
"No thanks, I quit."

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