Inspiration Diaries: Painting In The Blue Mountains

painting and rock climbing in the blue mountains

Over the winter I trekked into the Blue Mountains with some of my closest friends, friends that I can actually call family and appreciate more than anything in the world. I am so lucky to have found my crew and the best part is, I met them from my time in Colorado! I am thankful for my college debt because I have this group of friends in my life now. 

overlooking the blue mountains new south wales australia

A group of true Aussie adventurers, they are on a new excursion every day, I swear. So for Alex's birthday, he took us all to the Blue Mountains to show us one of his favourite activities, outdoor rock climbing. 


As someone who LOVES climbing, but has only done it in gyms, I was more than excited to give it a go, but obviously, nervous. As soon as I got going though, I didn't want to stop. The feeling of hands on cool rough rocks and breathing in the red dirt, reminded me so much of my time as a child in Colorado, climbing every rock in my backyard, with underwear on my head. I was a true wild child, and while not much has changed, at least this time I climbed the rocks with a harness on my hips and not underwear on my head...

I loved climbing up in these beautiful mountains, I loved the rocks, the dirt, everything about them. I climbed into a little nook, took out my paints, and painted what I saw around me. The colours and the textures, the lights and the darks. What a stunning place and a perfect way to find more inspiration for my art! 

bryn newman