Abstract expressionism artist exploring consciousness through art in Sydney, Aus

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Bryn Newman

Contemporary Abstract Art

Bryn Newman is an American abstract artist residing in Sydney, Australia. She is inspired by expanding her consciousness through art and nature. Get a free personal art consultation with Bryn and discover how to fill your walls beautifully by following the link below.


Australia Abstracted

When I relocated from San Francisco to Australia, after an inspirational trip to the South Coast of New South Wales, I felt what it was like to be alone for the first time in many years. In this state of loneliness, I discovered how powerful paint was in my personal process of healing, understanding, and expressing my emotions.


COMING SOON: Subliminal Subconscious

My art in is a constant reflection of my internal growth – be it trauma or joy. Through my practice I enter the exploration of higher consciousness through personal and spiritual studies of nature, neuroscience, sacred plants, living in the now and self awareness.