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Agendo Art Show, Melbourne VIC

Royal Art Society of NSW, Sydney NSW


Australia Abstracted - August 2017
Canvas Gallery, Sydney CBD

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a GIRL Born in the mountains & raised in a fine art studio

Bryn Newman is an abstract expressionism artist from the United States living in Sydney, Australia. Her influence by the outdoors started at birth. Bryn was born in the mountains of Colorado where she often disappeared in the snow, only to be found admiring the horses in her neighbor's backyard, wearing only her diapers. Her family relocated years later to Florida, where she was raised in a small oceanside town. She spent most of her Floridian childhood outside, playing with lizards, or in her mother's fine art studio, hands covered in paint.

Influenced by her mother's work as portrait artist, Bryn began art critiques at an extremely young age, developing her refined skill set and taste for art very early. Having a love for her mother's fine oil portraiture work, she always appreciated the skills of hyper realism and painterly styles, but never found a love for achieving those styles herself. Her soul was mesmerized by controlled chaos and the mental art of letting go, often working with flowing paint, painting with her hands, and other organic brush strokes. 

Now Bryn lives in Sydney, where she finds inspiration from Australia's magnificent landscapes. She is constantly creating works that draw on her cliffside roots and childhood by the sea, reawakened by her time spent in Australia's outdoors. She focuses on her abstract artworks in her Clovelly home, often walking down to Gordon’s Bay to paint by the ocean.

Bryn is always exploring the art of letting go, while working with scraping acrylics, flowing inks, spray paints, and developing rich textures with contemporary push and pull techniques.

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From daily life in Sydney to her latest travels, see what inspires Bryn's abstract expressionism artwork and get to view life through her artistic lens.