Abstract expressionism artist exploring consciousness through art in Sydney, Aus

Subliminal Subconscious

The Subliminal Teachings of the Subconscious

My art in is a constant reflection of my internal growth – be it trauma or joy.

Through my practice I enter the exploration of higher consciousness through personal and spiritual studies of nature, neuroscience, sacred plants, living in the now and self awareness.

My work gives me a portal into my mind’s eye, mirroring the conflict or joy within my heart. Often paired with poetry or deep transpersonal analysation, each piece has its own story from my personal heartbreak and journey of love and loss. Yet, I believe it’s truly up to the viewer to interpret the work and find their own meaning from within their own hearts. 

As a believer in the release of the subconscious through art and the meditative state creating art brings, you can see from my practice the pain or joy that my spirit needed to release in each work. I can only hope that viewing my work can bring a similar experience for the viewer as they see what they need in the art, either accessing closure or opening their hearts – whatever it be that they need at the time.

Each piece has a true story that represents a single learning or realisation that helped me in my personal healing and journey to self awareness.

The series offers a glimpse into my subconscious, and yours too, if you look closely.

Detail shot of ‘Vision Quest’

Detail shot of ‘Vision Quest’


Being White Light

96 x 96cm

Dreams_under_a_night_sky copy.JPG

A dream a day keeps the doctor away

76 x 76 cm

Detail shot of ‘Vision Quest’

Detail shot of ‘Vision Quest’

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